STEM Activities

Game based learning at Bakersfield eSports Center:

  • - Prepares students for the future
  • - Builds future-ready skills like creativity, problem solving, and systems thinking, and nurturing a passion for play. 
  • - Drives meaningful learning by exploring real-world issues in immmersive, imaginative worlds.

STEM Engineering & Design reignites joy in learning by bringing purposeful play to the classroom with instructional methods proven to improve cognitive, social, emotional, creative, and physical learning outcomes. These playful, hands-on learning experiences lead to the development of the whole learner by being:

  • - Joyful
  • - Meaningful
  • - Actively engaging
  • - Iterative
  • - Socially interactive

Video Game Development at Bakersfield eSports Center promotes

  • - Computational thinking and problem solving skills
  • - Creative teaching and learning
  • - Self-expression and collaboration